When the going gets tough, the tough tri harder

Triathlon Training


Increase your efficiency, strength and endurance. Triathlon specific swim workouts that will improve your stroke, kick, planing, and open water swim and race times.
Embrace the water and have fun on the first leg of your race.


You spend the longest on the bike during any triathlon so we spend a lot of time training to be a strong, confident rider. Along with your usual long rides, we will work on speed and strength to improve your overall bike experience.


Getting off of the bike and hitting the run can be a daunting task for even the most experienced triathlete. You will practice running off of the bike, long runs, strength and speed all in preparation for race day.

Personalized Triathlon Coaching

Monthly Plan
$ 75
  • Daily guidance & unlimited text with your coach.
  • Daily custom workouts, fitness plan.
  • Nutrition and Fueling guidance
  • Heart Rate Training

The purpose of coaching is to take you further in your training than you can take yourself. We excel at helping runners . . .

  • Experienced Professional Triathlete Coach
  • Train for your first Triathlon, sprint, olympic, half iron or full iron
  • Race faster. Achieve a personal record (PR).
  • Strengthen All 3 disciplines
  • Race further. Safely train for mileage increases while minimizing injuries.
  • Race more efficiently. Fine tune your nutrition, fueling, and form.
  • Implementation of race day strategy. We will help you evaluate the course and formulate a solid plan for getting through the tough parts of your triathlon.
  • Stay motivated -develop positive habits that last a lifetime.

The Process

After you sign up for coaching, we send you a detailed coaching questionnaire that covers everything from current health status, goals, past running stats/accomplishments, history of injury, time availability, and current fueling and nutrition.
We will meet either by Zoom, in person or phone and go over your questionnaire and discuss your personal goals, wants and needs.
Then we will develop the first part of your training plan (usually around 2 weeks at a time). During this initial phase, we would like you to check in with a summary of your workouts at least once a week and then we will be able to answer any questions you have and make modifications to your training schedule as needed too. Communication can be done daily through our Final Surge App, direct texting or email. 

challenge yourself. take it to the next level.

Athlete Highlight

Andre Varabii

Andre was an amature athlete with aspirations to become a professional when he started with Coach Heidi and Powerhouse Racing. 
Over the 2019 training and racing season, Andre experienced gains in all three disciplines with a huge bump in his swim times. 
He closed out the season with his first pro race in which he came in 4th!!! Andre has since gone on to join a professional triathlon racing team and is becoming a world class athlete.

Trelle Dandridge

Trelle is an amazing athlete, and blind. Trelle started training with coach Heidi in 2017 where she was her guide for a spring training program. We learned how to run together, use a tether, and we worked on her run form and speed. Trelle is a fearless athlete. Later that year we worked on crossfit training and then we talked her into her first triathlon. She has gone on to do many half marathons including placing 1st in the 2020 Houston Half Marathon for sight impaired athletes, and doing 6 half marathons within 6 months. Trelle and Coach Heidi went on to do another sprint triathlon together and now she is ready for a longer distance, open water swim tri!