Run further, faster and stronger

Run Coaching

wether you are new to running or going for a new PR, our programs will get you motivated, strong and ready!

Run Coaching & Plans

Comprehensive, periodized running plans that get you to the next level at a safe and purposeful pace. With our Final Surge app, we can analyze your runs, monitor your HR training, identify potential injuries and communicate with each other.

Heart Rate Training

Learning to train at within your heart rate zones will give you the biggest return on your running investment. After a time trial and/or threshold test we will set up your zones specifically for you.

Strength Training

We build not only fast runners but strong ones too. Our strength plan for runners is very specific to runners, correcting known deficiencies and correcting in-balances.Maintain and build strength to stay injury free.

0-5K - 10K - Half Marathon - Full Marathon - Ultra Marathon - Boston Qualify

Personalized Run Coaching

Monthly Plan
$ 75
  • Daily guidance & unlimited text with your coach.
  • Daily custom workouts, fitness plan.
  • Fueling guidance
  • Heart Rate Training

The purpose of coaching is to take you further in your training than you can take yourself. We excel at helping runners . . .

  • Train for your first marathon, half marathon or ultra
  • Run faster. Achieve a personal record (PR) or Boston qualifying time.
  • Run further. Safely train for mileage increases while minimizing injuries.
  • Run more efficiently. Fine tune your nutrition, fueling, and form.
  • Implementation of race day strategy. We will help you evaluate the course and formulate a solid plan for getting through the tough parts of your marathon.
  • Stay motivated -develop positive habits that last a lifetime.

The Process

After you sign up for coaching, we send you a detailed coaching questionnaire that covers everything from current health status, goals, past running stats/accomplishments, history of injury, time availability, and current fueling and nutrition.
We will meet either by Zoom, in person or phone and go over your questionnaire and discuss your personal goals, wants and needs.
Then we will develop the first part of your training plan (usually around 2 weeks at a time). During this initial phase, we would like you to check in with a summary of your workouts at least once a week and then we will be able to answer any questions you have and make modifications to your training schedule as needed too. Communication can be done daily through our Final Surge App, direct texting or email.